Finding the Words

I found the words at the back of a drawer,

wrapped in black cloth, like three rings

slipped from a dead woman’s hand, cold,

dull gold. I had held them before,

                                                   years ago,

then put them away, forgetting whatever it was

I could use them to say. I touched the first to my lips,

the second, the third, like a sacrament,

like a pledge, like a kiss,

                                      and my breath

warmed them, the words I needed to utter this, small words,

and few. I rubbed at them till they gleamed in my palm –

I love you, I love you, I love you –

as though they were new.


– Carol Ann Duffy


on getting drunk

I dislike having no control over my body. For example, getting drunk. Isn’t it interesting how we call it ‘getting’ drunk, like the state of losing control over one’s physical body is a prize worth getting.

I do enjoy a good drink once in a while. What I do not enjoy is drinking one too many too quickly such that my body does not take it well and I end up vomiting.

Responsible drinking they say… I say, it is primarily responsibility to yourself; treating your body right first.

Which includes choosing the right drink (I have just tried my first Tequila shot and boyyyyyy) and drinking with the right people (who will willing take care of you and have your interests at heart) and drinking at the right time (why drink when you are upset only to want to get drunk, again it’s not a prize, and then what??).

So, Cheers with a clank and enjoy the profound pleasure a drink gives.

my eudaimonic moment: 1st tequila shot- that warmth it brings to my body from within… pleasure.